Nov. 18, 2022, 7:00PM CST  —  Leonard, TX

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Friday: Offering 35 Elite Angus Females.

Saturday: Offering 75 Registered Angus Bulls plus 100 Commercial Females.

611 W Frannin St, Leonard, TX 75452 USA
Contact Number 800-431-4452
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Lot 1

SIRE: *GB Fireball 672
DAM: +*Diamond Bar Jet Black 13G1

Lot 2

SIRE: +*DE-SU Field General
DAM: *BCF Stellar 9041

Lot 4

SIRE: SydGen Enhance
DAM: +*Goode Sure Fire 6857

Lot 5

SIRE: *AF Magnum AI 8084
DAM: *BCF Barbara 004

Lot 6

SIRE: *DB Iconic G95
DAM: +*ACC Barbara 8229

Lot 7

SIRE: *GB Fireball 672
DAM: BVC Ruby IV2 877

Lot 8

SIRE: *GB Fireball 672
DAM: BVC Bessie Queen GI 974

Lot 9

SIRE: *GB Fireball 672
DAM: BCF Ideal 6330

Lot 10

SIRE: +*FF Rito Relevant 8B63
DAM: *BCF Elaine 868

Lot 11

SIRE: *Bar R Jet Black 5063
DAM: *MGR Rita 7048

Lot 12

SIRE: SydGen Enhance
DAM: *BCF Pride 9008

Lot 13

SIRE: SydGen Enhance
DAM: *BCF Princess 9020

Lot 14

SIRE: *GB Fireball 672
DAM: *DBF Blacklass of 0A36 1619

Lot 15

SIRE: *Byergo Black Magic 3348
DAM: *DBF Susie of Rampage 1611

Lot 16

SIRE: +*Springfield Ramesses 6124
DAM: *BCF Stellar 733

Lot 17

SIRE: *Byergo Titus 6340
DAM: +*2 Bar Discovery 5414

Lot 18

SIRE: *G A R Inertia
DAM: +*ACC Barbara 8226

Lot 19

SIRE: +*LD Capitalist 316
DAM: BVC Miss Charlotte IV2 765

Lot 20

SIRE: #+*Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
DAM: +*BCF kwilliams 503

Lot 21

SIRE: +*TEX Playbook 5437
DAM: *MGR Pride 7040

Lot 21A

SIRE: +*BCF Jet Stream 827
DAM: *BCF Pride 9008

Lot 22

SIRE: #*Connealy Western Cut
DAM: PENZ Blackcap Effie 2193

Lot 23

SIRE: +*EXAR Butkus 5757B
DAM: +*Monarch Rita 1106

Lot 23A

SIRE: *LAR Man In Black
DAM: *EF Rita 8011

Lot 24

SIRE: #+*EXAR Stud 4658B
DAM: *2 Bar Anticipation 5920

Lot 25

SIRE: #*A A R Ten X 7008 S A
DAM: +Bo Bo Blackcap 212U

Lot 25A

SIRE: +*Wilks No Substitute 2358
DAM: *MGR Blackcap 6003


Lot #

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