Sep. 22, 2017, 6:00PM CST  —  Fort Worth, TX

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Offering top of the line registered Texas Longhorns in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Presented And Hosted By: Lorinda Valentine, Bill & Elizabeth Hudson Heifer Sale-Friday Sale Time is 6:00 PM CT. Cow Auction-Saturday Sale Time is 10:30 AM CT.
Fort Worth Stockyards Auction Arena, Fort Worth, TX 76164 USA
Contact Number 800-431-4452
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Lot 1H

SIRE: Lazy J Avatar
DAM: VF Buddy Girl

Lot 2H

SIRE: CV Cowboy Casanova

Lot 3H

SIRE: Saddlehorn
DAM: Blue Mist 139

Lot 4H

SIRE: Awesome Top Pick
DAM: Awesome Mattie

Lot 5H

SIRE: Spur Texa
DAM: CV Delila

Lot 6H

SIRE: Black Keetle 81
DAM: Amazing Frost

Lot 7H

SIRE: Brazos Rose Ranger
DAM: Brazos Rose Chloe

Lot 8H

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: WS Zoom

Lot 9H

DAM: Sequential Stars

Lot 10H

SIRE: Hubbells 20 Gauge
DAM: Helm Grand Dianne

Lot 10A

SIRE: Cowboy Chex
DAM: BL Rio Catchit

Lot 11H

SIRE: Hubbells 20 Gauge
DAM: Helm Grand Dianne

Lot 12H

SIRE: DS Lucky Wallstreet
DAM: Izzie BCB

Lot 13H

SIRE: M Arrow Top Gun
DAM: Chocolate Leigh 5 CF32

Lot 14H

SIRE: Fifty-Fifty BCB
DAM: Black Tie Affair 112

Lot 15H

SIRE: Awesome Black Cracker
DAM: Awesome Rachel

Lot 16H

SIRE: Archer Texa
DAM: Horsehow J Easy Going

Lot 17H

SIRE: One Star Command
DAM: ECR Texas Chex 349

Lot 18H

SIRE: RR Sweet Brindle Dust
DAM: BL Cowgirl Sweet 135

Lot 19H

SIRE: Maximus St.
DAM: SDR Candy Cane2

Lot 20H

SIRE: Rebel HR
DAM: HR Whiz Bang

Lot 21H

SIRE: Cowboy Tuff Chex
DAM: EOT Outback Lezawe

Lot 22H

SIRE: HL Red Barron
DAM: Texana PC14

Lot 23H

SIRE: PCC Rim Rock
DAM: Brazos Rose Elvira

Lot 24H

SIRE: RJF Sittin Dreamer
DAM: CV Fantom's Twilight

Lot 25H

SIRE: G&L Painted Savage
DAM: Topnotch Coach Ruby RJM

Lot 26H

DAM: Allens 388

Lot 27H

SIRE: Jamster

Lot 28H

SIRE: Cowboy Catchit Chex
DAM: Carolina Superstar

Lot 29H

SIRE: RFR Jessie James
DAM: Frecklette

Lot 30H

SIRE: RFR Jessie James
DAM: 585 Coral

Lot 31H

SIRE: Hot Playboy
DAM: My Teardrop PC265

Lot 32H

SIRE: Cowboy Tuff Chex
DAM: ECR True To Tradition

Lot 33H

SIRE: BC Moo Chex
DAM: BC Whimsey

Lot 34H

SIRE: Hot Playboy
DAM: Perfect Champagne

Lot 35H

SIRE: CV Cowboy Casanova
DAM: CWR Sip of Whisky

Lot 36H

SIRE: X Star
DAM: Memories of Start Flight

Lot 1A

SIRE: CV Cowboy Casanova
DAM: Joy Nibbler

Lot 1

SIRE: Top Caliber
DAM: Park Avenue

Lot 2

SIRE: High Sierra Start
DAM: HSR Red Star

Lot 3

SIRE: Cowboy Tuff Chex
DAM: M Arrow Cha-Ching

Lot 4

SIRE: Tempter
DAM: Snowy Maid

Lot 5

SIRE: Midnight EOT 1/11
DAM: Magic Petunia EOT 174

Lot 6

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: Lethal Street

Lot 7

SIRE: Top Caliber
DAM: Nico Legacy

Lot 8

SIRE: J.R. Grand Slam
DAM: LLL Rosemary

Lot 9

SIRE: RJF Lone Star Tejas
DAM: PPF Daily Gossip

Lot 10

SIRE: Rio Blanco Chex
DAM: WPR Happy Birthday

Lot 11

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: Awesome Angel

Lot 12

SIRE: M.C. Super Rex
DAM: RRR Phenomenal Fancy Bee

Lot 13

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: Sugar and Spice 222

Lot 14

SIRE: Grande Safari Chex
DAM: RML San Antonio Rose

Lot 15

SIRE: TC Respect The Dinero
DAM: Tippy Toes BCB

Lot 16

SIRE: Starbase Commander
DAM: Crimson Star Revealed

Lot 17

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: WS Zoom

Lot 18

SIRE: WS Amazon
DAM: WS Sonic Boom

Lot 19

SIRE: J.R. Grand Slam
DAM: Emperors Classic Debut

Lot 20

SIRE: Cowboy Chex
DAM: WF Bonnie Best

Lot 21

SIRE: Hunts Command Respect
DAM: Sprinkles 47

Lot 22

SIRE: Tequilero ECR
DAM: Phenomenal Love 019

Lot 23

SIRE: Hot Shot's Toro
DAM: Misty Rhythm

Lot 24

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: BL Pretty Woman

Lot 25

SIRE: Sweet Chex 783
DAM: RR Gun Flower

Lot 26

SIRE: Fifty-Fifty BCB
DAM: Matchmaker

Lot 27

SIRE: Aces Cacti TM
DAM: Shiro Miss TM

Lot 28

SIRE: WS Jamakizm
DAM: Grande Perfection SL

Lot 29

SIRE: WS Amazon
DAM: WS Star Struck

Lot 30

SIRE: Boomerang CP
DAM: Tabasco's Lezawe

Lot 31

SIRE: CV Cowboy Casanova
DAM: Hunts Respected Lexi

Lot 32

SIRE: CS Cooter
DAM: Bold Hila

Lot 33

SIRE: Top Caliber
DAM: Gala Show of Stars

Lot 34

SIRE: Trail Dust 40
DAM: Jigsaw 500

Lot 35

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: Texana Van Horne

Lot 36

SIRE: Starliner
DAM: Delta Van Horne

Lot 37

SIRE: Hunts Command Respect
DAM: Hunts Miss Lethal Weapon

Lot 38

SIRE: Drag Iron
DAM: Rotal Reputation

Lot 39

SIRE: Fox Chex
DAM: Shamrock 2Spot Van Horne

Lot 40

SIRE: Hunts Command Respect
DAM: Delta Mudbug

Lot 41

SIRE: Amendago Chex
DAM: FC Phenomenally Loose

Lot 42

SIRE: Rodeo Max St.
DAM: RM Touch N Whirl Pat

Lot 43

SIRE: KC Justice
DAM: Lazy J's Cherry Pie

Lot 44

SIRE: Tempter
DAM: Whelming Field

Lot 45

SIRE: Oakridge Renegade
DAM: Diamond W April

Lot 46

SIRE: Zeus EOT 9E5
DAM: Cadillacs Lewze EOT 060

Lot 47

SIRE: Gun Slinger
DAM: JW Polly Fine

Lot 48

SIRE: Lar Smoke'N
DAM: Moo La La BCB

Lot 49

SIRE: Texas Perfection
DAM: Southern Denimn Cotton

Lot 50

DAM: LLL Sassy Girl

Lot 51

SIRE: Boomerang CP
DAM: TDJ Miss Heather Ann

Lot 52

SIRE: The Real McCoy
DAM: Buttercream

Lot 53

SIRE: Buzz Saw
DAM: 7LS Aspen II

Lot 54

SIRE: GR Grand Unlimited
DAM: Hawkeye Josie

Lot 55

SIRE: Sittin Bull
DAM: VV Camelot Twist

Lot 57

SIRE: JP Rio Grande
DAM: EOT Outback Dianne

Lot 59

SIRE: Concealed Weapon
DAM: HL Rio's Sittin Star


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